Redlichia takooensis, a Lower Cambrian trilobite from Kangaroo Island, South Australia. Digital painting  using Zbrush and Photoshop, over 100 hours of work.

Palaeontological reconstructions have become an obsession. Using digital media to bring to life long extinct animals is fascinating and challenging (very), and uses every skill set imaginable, it is sculpture, and science, and drawing, and painting.

It requires lots of research, many conversations with palaeontologists, examination of fossil material and extreme decision making.

It has brought me to the edge of reason on occasion!

This is a reconstruction of Homo floresiensis, an archaic species of early Homo excavated in Liang Bua cave, on the island of Flores, Indonesia in 2004. The work derives from photos of the original skill and jaw plus the published descriptions of bones from the rest of the body.

The reconstruction was commissioned by Dr Mike Lee (Flinders University), in support of the publication of a paper

" the affinities of Homo floresiensis based on phylogenetic characters"

in the Journal of Human Evolution.

(Authors- Debbie Argue,Colin Groves, Mike Lee and William Jungers).

​​Preliminary reconstructions to work out the 3d trilobite for use in the final painting.

​​​The Flores Hobbit  ( Homo Floresiensis)

Front view with the skull overlay shows the structure of the face.

This is a preliminary setup showing the head without final texture,colour or hair.

A small Cambrian arthropod from the Emu Bay Shale,  Wisangocaris barbarahardyae. Digital painting using Zbrush and Photoshop.

Pen Drawing of Redlichia takooensis, lower Cambrian trilobite from Emu Bay Shale, Kangaroo Island, South Australia.

This is a traditional 2D reconstruction .

This image is available as a high resolution print on quality archival paper, in several sizes, please email me for a quote.

Digital paintings of Nesonektris aldrigei, a free swimming chordate from Emu Bay Shale, Kangaroo Island, South Australia.

This is the final full reconstruction of "Flo" as she is affectionately called. She was less than a metre tall. The image was created in Zbrush and finished in Photoshop.

Palaeontology Reconstructions​

Side view with skull and jaw, note the massive lower jaw.

This is my logo, a stylised version of Redlichia which can be seen throughout the website

Yarta, tiny (>5mm) Ediacaran animal, Flinders Ranges, South Australia.

Digital painting.

Redlichia takooensis

Anomalocaris briggsi , large (up to 1 metre) Cambrian predator, with large compound eyes. Acrylic on canvas. 122cmx122cm

Cover of "Nature" and "Australasian Science" magazines.

(This was my first outing in the palaeo world before I did any training in the use of digital programs like Zbrush and Photoshop.)

Katrina Kenny artist