Katrina Kenny artist

Far from being spooky, cemeteries are peaceful and interesting

( I should know, I live next door to one !) The statuary can be amazing and inspired these paintings...


The Watcher, acrylic on canvas 91cmx91cm

Budgies, acrylic on canvas, 50x30cm

Eastern spinebill , acrylic on canvas 40x30cm

"Curious" 1-4, acrylic on canvas, 30cmx30cm

Sea Finds, acrylic on canvas 76cmx51cm

Some of my paintings, with a variety of subjects, inspired by some of my interests .....in no particular order.

The Sentinel, acrylic on canvas 122cmx122cm (inspired by the Monteverde Angel from Stagliano Cemetery, Genoa, Italy).

Upstate New York, small town architecture, paintings in acrylic on composite board, 25cmx30cm each panel.

(Lived in Alfred NY for 2 years).

Sulphur Crested Cockatoo ,acrylic on canvas  50cmx50cm

Childs Play, a  series of paintings with threatened and endangered species, acrylic on composite timber panels. 90cmx90cmx30cm

Australian Birds, all 30cmx30cm, acrylic on canvas

Fish Market, Painting in acrylic of fish in a fish market in Singapore 100cmx76cm

Lymnodynastes dumerilli  acrylic on canvas 100cmx100cm

Thinking outside the Box, acrylic on composite board, rotating base, 30cmx30cmx30cm

North Cape, Kangaroo Island, acrylic on canvas. 152cmx76cm